This page shows the service status for (1) Adobe Experience Manager Mobile, before 22-February-2016 known as "Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS 2015)"; and (2) Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Please be sure to reference the appropriate product area and the status of the individual workflows you are using.

 AEM Mobile and Digital Publishing Suite Status Page

Update 26-April: only http URLs will redirect to, https (SSL-based) URLs will fail to redirect. Please make record of the URLs listed below and update your bookmarks.

Starting soon, when you try to access this page, http URLs will be automatically redirected to, https URLs will be disabled.

This change is being made for the following reasons:

Now, outbound communication will be consolidated to match the other Adobe Marketing Cloud products.

All AEM Mobile product updates and bug fixes will be posted to the following pages:

For the most current information about Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) status and updates, see the following pages:

–Experience Manager Mobile Team

6-Apr-2017 10:34 PDT by Mike De Laurentis

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