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 Adobe Experience Manager Mobile 2017.1 Release

The Experience Manager Mobile team released version 2017.1 on Tuesday, January 10.

App Customization

App customization features for this release include the ability to turn on or off the Navigation Bar and App Menu in iOS and Android apps. You can customize the Navigation Bar to make it always visible or always hidden—both frequently requested capabilities. Customizing apps offers more control over the user experience and helps ensure consistent branding.

New Goto Navigation Links

From within an article or dynamic banner, you can create hyperlinks that display social sharing options, trigger a search prompt, or display Android app settings. These goto features are especially useful if you turn off the App Menu or Navigation Bar.

Entitlement-Aware Search

Restricted content is now hidden from search results unless the user is signed in and has access to the restricted content.

Bugs Fixes and Enhancements

Dynamic banners in Web Viewer now support getEntity calls. This release includes additional bug fixes and enhancements.

For new feature descriptions, please see the New Features for Experience Manager Mobile. For bug fix details, please see the Release Notes for Experience Manager Mobile.

–Experience Manager Mobile Team

10-Jan-2017 12:43 PDT by Bob Bringhurst

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