This page shows the service status for (1) Adobe Experience Manager Mobile, before 22-February-2016 known as "Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS 2015)"; and (2) Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Please be sure to reference the appropriate product area and the status of the individual workflows you are using.

 AEM Mobile Update – Bug Fixes

Two issues related to the AEM Mobile 2016.14 release were recently resolved.

iOS app building issue – When you use Application Loader to upload an iOS app, some apps were being rejected with a message that said the app’s Info.plist must contain an NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription key. This issue has been resolved in a 2016-12-14 hot fix. If you experienced this error, rebuild and resubmit your app.  (4152706, 4152704)

Android viewer issue – For the new App Customization feature, the option to hide the “Sign in” option was not taking effect in Android apps if no other app customization options were set. This issue has been resolved in a 2016-12-12 hot fix; rebuild your Android app. (4152697)

– The AEM Mobile Team

14-Dec-2016 14:35 PDT by Bob Bringhurst

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