This page shows the service status for (1) Adobe Experience Manager Mobile, before 22-February-2016 known as "Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS 2015)"; and (2) Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Please be sure to reference the appropriate product area and the status of the individual workflows you are using.

 Adobe Experience Manager Mobile 2016.13 Release

The Experience Manager Mobile team released version 2016.13 on Tuesday, November 1.

Dynamic Banners

Bring browse pages to life by displaying HTML content in dynamic banners. Dynamic banners can display stock quotes, slideshow carousels, social media feeds, and more. By leveraging Cordova plugins, you can take advantage of AEM Mobile specific features such as allowing users to tap a slide in a banner to navigate to an article or to display the entitlement sign-in prompt.

Updated Portal Interface

The Adobe On-Demand Services Portal has been updated to be consistent with other Adobe services sites. The same features and services are still available in the revised interface. For example, the left navigation rail can be collapsed and expanded, a toolbar appears when items are selected, and the list of breadcrumb links is replaced by a single link to AEM Mobile services.

Initial Support for Android Push Notifications Through On-Demand Services

Android push notifications, which were previously available only through Marketing Cloud services, are now available through On-Demand Services. At this time, sending Android push notifications is available only through APIs. The option to send Android push notifications in the On-Demand Portal should be available soon.

Bugs Fixes and Enhancements

Android apps now include an “Acknowledgements” page. If you open the app menu and tap Settings > Acknowledgements, a list of licenses is displayed. This release includes additional bug fixes and enhancements.

For new feature descriptions, please see the New Features for Experience Manager Mobile. For bug fix details, please see the Release Notes for Experience Manager Mobile.

–Experience Manager Mobile Team

1-Nov-2016 13:06 PDT by Bur Davis

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