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 Adobe Experience Manager Mobile 2016.12 Release

The Experience Manager Mobile team released version 2016.12 on Tuesday, October 4.

iOS and Android Push Notifications via Marketing Cloud

Use the Adobe Mobile Marketing Cloud (Adobe Analytics: Mobile Apps) to send push messages to both iOS and Android app users. Push messages appear outside of your app, making them useful for re-engaging passive users or conveying time-specific and location-specific information. Marketing Cloud-based push messages use Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) for Android apps and Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) for iOS apps. You can target push messages to users by specifying Analytics segments or custom segments.

The ability to send push messages from the Marketing Cloud is complimentary to the Notifications feature, which lets you use the On-Demand Services Portal to send both background notifications and text notifications to iOS app users.

Layout Template and Other Portal UI Enhancements

This and earlier releases include the following improvements to the On-Demand Services Portal:

  • A Preflight option is now available when editing layout templates, allowing you to more easily preview your layout changes while editing layout templates.
  • When you edit a layout template, you can choose between using the previously imported collection or selecting a different collection.
  • A new layout preview option lets you show or hide the app HUD (heads-up display, or top navigation bar).
  • Project settings now includes a Trash icon that allows you to delete the brand image.

iOS App Performance Enhancements

HTML articles in iOS apps load faster, improving the user experience.

Android App Support for Android 7.0 (Nougat)

Android apps built using 2016.12 support the Android 7.0 (Nougat) operating system. AEM Mobile apps will support split-screen mode, including resizing videos on the fly in split-screen mode.

Desktop Web Viewer Enhancements

Desktop Web Viewer now supports the navto://relative/parent link format and improves entitlement caching performance. These features are already supported in other platforms.

Bugs Fixes and Enhancements

This release includes bug fixes and enhancements.

For new feature descriptions, please see the New Features for Experience Manager Mobile. For bug fix details, please see the Release Notes for Experience Manager Mobile.

–Experience Manager Mobile Team

4-Oct-2016 13:34 PDT by Bob Bringhurst

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