This page shows the service status for (1) Adobe Experience Manager Mobile, before 22-February-2016 known as "Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS 2015)"; and (2) Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Please be sure to reference the appropriate product area and the status of the individual workflows you are using.

 Adobe Experience Manager Mobile 2016.11 Release

The Experience Manager Mobile team released version 2016.11 on Wednesday, September 7.

  • Hide Project – With the new Hide Project feature, you can avoid clutter in the On-Demand Portal by hiding unused projects. When a project administrator marks a project as hidden, the project disappears by default in the Portal UI for users who have access to the project. Users can still click an icon to toggle between displaying or hiding projects that are marked as hidden. All features such as publishing and entitlement are still available in a hidden project.
  • Desktop Web Viewer Enhancements – The Desktop Web Viewer now supports extensibility APIs previously available in iOS and Android viewers. These API features include the ability to obtain the page number of a specific location within an article and to obtain app-specific information such as a list of entity children for a collection.
  • Authoring API Updates – The authoring APIs now include improved support for sending push notifications as well as support for hiding projects. The authoring APIs enable customers to set up an automated workflow for creating and editing projects and content.
  • Bugs Fixes and Enhancements – Windows apps now support the API to obtain the page number at a specific location within an article. Android apps now support navto:// links that jump to a specific location of an article based on percentage. This release also fixes a bug in which phone layouts were erroneously displaying on Android tablets. An updated version of the Acrobat add-on for creating PDF-based articles is now available.

For new feature descriptions, please see the New Features for Experience Manager Mobile. For bug fix details, please see the Release Notes for Experience Manager Mobile.

–Experience Manager Mobile Team

7-Sep-2016 12:15 PDT by Bob Bringhurst

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